Life Cycles at Adonai are the steps of introductions and maturity we believe will best benefit and equip all who come to Adonai, both individually and corporately.

Life Cycle #1: Life Group Ministry

Life Groups are our small groups who meet anywhere from the church building, homes, campus, worksites or one of many other places. These groups   offer a comfortable atmosphere where individuals can meet with others who share common passions, struggles or interests. This is a place where new people can meet just a small portion of Adonai on a more personal level or for those who are already in attendance at Adonai, a place where they can grow in their relationships with each other and with the Lord. These groups many times will center around a biblically based curriculum that the group studies and discusses together. These groups may also be centered around a shared interest or hobby and use that interest as the common factor while teaching kingdom principles that apply to the dynamics of that interest. We believe these groups are the best place to introduce people to a personal relationship with Jesus and His people at Adonai.

Life Cycle #2: Worship Ministry

This is where we seek to draw all believers together for the purpose of worshiping God and edifying the Body of Christ. We use this time to celebrate   God for who He is and for what He has done in our lives. We also celebrate in anticipation   of the good things He will do in our lives in the upcoming days. This is a time of singing, testimonies, praying and reading and preaching from God's word. We also use this time to clarify and unite God's vision and direction for Adonai.

Life Cycle #3: Discipleship Training Ministry (Body Building)

Body Building is where we seek to systematically grow and equip believers in order for them to live out God's purpose for their lives both individually and   as a part of His body and plans at Adonai.

Life Cycle #4: Training Ministry

This is where we train and equip those believers who understand God has placed them in   this local body   to help pursue His vision for Adonai. Here we seek to train and equip each individual for their specific tasks that will enable Adonai to accomplish God's purposes for this local body. One main goal of our Training   Ministry is to equip every member to lead a Life Group.


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